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Hola!!! - We are a Nicaraguan educators team, who have been teaching Spanish to foreign visitors in Nicaragua for more than 13 years. We are one of the three Spanish schools owned and operated by Nicaraguan educators, we teach all levels of students and we offer personalized service at our 3 Spanish schools in Nicaragua. Our classes are mostly full immersion in Spanish, but we also provide bi-lingual instruction. We employ a practical second language acquisition method that has proven to be very successful for our students around the world.  The Nica Spanish Language School program advances the student at their own pace while also encouraging and challenging them to progress in the four areas of language which are: Speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing. We also provide specialized Spanish courses: Medical Spanish, Spanish for lawyers and paralegals, Spanish for business, Spanish for Children and Spanish for travelers. We can pick up you at the International Airport in Managua.

The Spanish language is the native language of almost 350 million people in the world today. That makes it the second most important international language. Within 40 or more years the Spanish language will be the maternal language of half of the population of the United States. The Latin world moves at great speed. It's influence in society, culture and businesses is becoming greater every day. To speak of the Latin world means to speak in Spanish.

Learning Spanish by the tropical sea in Nicaragua, Central America in The Nica- Spanish Language School is o much more than taking a simple spanish course. The Nica-Spanish Language School offer to you the oportunity for discovering Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur and its people. programs include a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure agenda that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language. All activities are geared towards socializing in a learning environment. Our School offers all kind of options for excursions, trips and hikes. Have you ever taken a salsa-class with students from different parts of the world.

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